The “G”

“G” is for GRINDING, not gossip.. STAY FOCUSED!


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Personal Growth Development 

The more you grow, the better you become!

In Need Of Help

We all are in need of something. So why is it when it comes to money the word “NEED” takes on a whole new meaning? Here’s a example of what I mean, Sally phone rings, it’s Mary. Can you talk? Sure says Sally, what’s up? Mary:I NEED help. Please pray for me. My life is turning upside down. Things between John and I are not good. I’m tired of feeling unfulfilled. Would you please say a prayer for me? Sally: Oh Mary, of course I’ll pray for you. Matter of fact I’ll pray right now (Sally stops what she’s doing and prays for Mary). It’s 7a.m Sally phone rings. Sally: Hello. Mary: Sally it’s me, Mary. Are you sleep? Sally: No. Mary:I NEED to talk. Sally:ok. It’s 6:45a.m. Sally phone rings. Sally:Hey Mary (caller ID). Mary: Can you talk? Sally:yes let me get out of bed. It’s 12:45pm. Sally phone rings. Sally:Hey girl. Mary: I Really NEED to talk to you. Sally: Ok give me 5 minutes and I’ll call you right back (and she does). It’s 11p.m. Sally phone rings. Sally: Hello.
Mary: Are you sleep? I NEED to talk to you.
Mary phone rings. Mary:Hello. Sally: Hey Mary. I NEED your help.You know they cut my hours back at work? So I’m calling to see if you can loan me some money until I get paid again? Mary:yes I know. Sure I can loan you the money. (Mary phone rings) Mary:Hey girl (caller ID). Sally:Hey. I was calling to let you know I don’t have all the money I owe you, but I have some of it and will give you the rest when I get paid again. Mary: That’s fine Sally.(they hang up) Mary sends Sally a email saying “I’m use to you not having all the money when it’s time for you to pay it back, seems to be your character. What you need to do is stop borrowing if you’re not able to pay it all back. And stop counting your chickens before they hatch.” Sally received the email. and thinks to her self “wow” then out loud she says ” to God Be The Glory!” You see, Sally feels like PAUL at this moment when He says in “I Corinthians 9:11 If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? ” The moral of the story is NEED IS NEED no matter what form it comes in. The only thing that changes about a NEED is the person. Most times people who are stable in their finances are empty in there soul. So they NEED spiritual help. At times those who are spiritually stable may have unstable bank accounts. So they may NEED some financial help…but because of their Faith in God things always seem to work out for them. So, no matter how small or great you think your NEED is compared to the next person. Remember this, “I NEED HELP” is the same no matter whose saying it.
Stay Encouraged.

*Smile, It’s Contagious*

I Brought My Own AC (Jesus)

Daniel 3:17
If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, & he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.
~The time has come & you must stand for what you believe in.Stand firmly in your Faith in the deliverance of God.Stand in the Protection of God.No matter how hot it gets in the kitchen (because it will get hotter) keep your Heart set on God bringing you out without a blemish!Trust me when I tell you..He Can Do It!! Just Don’t Give in or Up! You’re not in the Furnace alone. He Will bring you through!

Smile it’s Contagious!

*Smile, It’s Contagious*

Looking Like A Million Bucks

Daniel 3:27
And the princes, governors,& captains,&the king’s counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair on their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.
~Not sure what type of fire you’re in.But God said you have to come out! And have No Fear, you won’t look like or smell like what you’ve been through.The important word here is “THROUGH”.YOU SHALL MAKE IT THROUGH THE FIRE! Just keep walking Baby!!!!

Smile it’s Contagious!

*Smile, It’s Contagious*

Singing in The Rain

Matthew 10:31
Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
~Today is such a beautiful day. DON’T WASTE IT WORRYING about what could have been or should have been. Instead, Enjoy the rest of this day laughing, smiling and Thanking God for one more day of His Provision. Pay attention to the birds around you.They are not worried about Nothing! How do I know this? Because they spend All day,Everyday SINGING! If they can do it so can you..You mean more to the Father than they do!

Smile it’s Contagious!

*Smile, It’s Contagious*

What is Authority?

I I Thessalonians 3:9
Not because we have not power (authority), but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us.
~Paul gives us a quick lesson on power. Just because you have the authority to do a thing doesn’t always mean you have to. In ch.3 Paul explains: just because they were men of God they did not use it to there advantage.Instead they worked for their food.Therefore they owed no one nor did they add burdens to any man.Sometimes you have to step out of the position of power and toil like the rest of us. Remembering your power is most effective when leading by example. How will you use your power?

Smile it’s Contagious!

*Smile, It’s Contagious*

Clearing Mental Space

This is not a rant.But I have to say it’s funny how a person could think that if they gave all of what they were made of and more than what was required in a relationship they would not in up alone. I’m finding out more & more that this is not true.I must say that I understand it when people say “I am never doing the love thing again.”Loneliness is a silent killer more often than none.And it hits the scene unexpectedly.How exactly does one cope with having no one to turn to at that very moment when it feels as though All of Hell has opened up in there life & there appears to be no way to close the door??Now I know GOD is our #1 void filler.But what about the human experience of another warm blooded body that stands in the gap for you long enough to give you a strong hug, soft kiss on the cheek or mouth (if your married or in a intimate relationship)? You know the experience that says I will be here(physically, emotionally & spiritually) until you tell me you’re ok.What ever happen to people caring about someone other than themselves?Has life experiences really moved us away from true sleep overs with no strings attached.Hand held walks to listen to the other person pour out their heart, discussing their fears, hopes &dreams and once the walk is over the words that were shared are kept safe between the two of them.Be ware of those hit or miss encounters (those that can NEVER be there physically.But they always say “I want to be there “but “).
When you finally understand your lonliness, you should 1.say a prayer for your own strenght.2.Cry if you feel you need to(I have).Then hold your head up and find happiness in your lonliness.
3.Remember there is a light at the end of every tunnel, even your own.4.Give your time & attention ONLY to those that share their time & attention with you.5.Don’t be a full time giver to a part time space filler.Last but not least give what you expect and if you’re not receiving what you expect STOP GIVING! There IS true comfort, love, support and laughter headed your way. But you had to have the lonely experience to give you a understanding of your true value and worth!
*Smile, It’s Contagious*

Love with a Twist

He Believes:
Love; is the essence of who we all are. Its the one thing we all have in common that we want and need to have in our lives…and often feel like we are lacking the most. Thomas Mentor said ” The beginning of Love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves,and not to twist them to fit our own image.Otherwise we love only their reflection of ourselves we find in them.”
Twist; Love doesn’t always work,at least like we always want.We don’t always fall in love with the person who’s best for us or the most compatible.Some of us live lies and hold on to failing vessels of marriage and companionship as a coping mechanism or from the fear of being alone.Unless two people are compatible,understanding,and forgiving and its True Love the results are Broken Marriages and failed relationships.

She Believes:
Real Love is like a roller coaster. It will always bring you unthinkable twist and turns. Unfolding in many different ways, creating an unimaginable variety of situations, allowing you the opportunity to accept the challenge of the ride. But the truth to it all is this..All Parties have to agree to the experince of enjoying their Love with aTwist!
Receive your Love Today!

True Love..True Colors

Lady #1 had a Peacock for a pet..Lady#2 looked pass the obvious(hungry for love & attention) she said “my that’s a fine looking Peacock you have. Lady #1 began to kick dust on the Peacock as she said out loud “I don’t want it,you can have it.” Lady #2 Smile and walked away. But as she turned the corner she could her Lady#1 saying lots of mean and hateful things to the Peacock. Lady #2 came back and said “I would be happy to take the Peacock off your hands ..that’s if you don’t want him?” Lady #2 began to talk softly to the Peacock as she fed him some bread.While Lady #1 was trying to decide whether she wanted to give her Peacock away . The Peacock was having thoughts of his own while he enjoyed the attention he was receiving. He could see himself walking alone side Lady#2 with his head held high, his tail spread wide displaying all his Beautiful Colors..something he had not ever done with Lady#1.The Peacock got so excited & Without any warning he began to speak “I AM GOING WITH Lady#2!” Both Ladies stood in shock. Before Lady #2 could say anything, #1 said “What the…Peacocks Can’t Talk!” It was at that moment the PEACOCK did something else the Lady had not seen him do. He stood up straight & his feathers began to spread ever so slowly.And to her (#1)surprise she saw colors on the Peacock she had Never seen before.#1 said “I’ve never seen those colors on you before.” As the Peacock began to walk away with #2 he said ” True Colors never come out where there is no love!” LADY #2 was so overwhelmed by the colors on the Peacock she began to sing “I See Your True Colors Shining Through (Cyndi Lauper).” Use Love to Encourage your Peacock to spread his feathers to show his true Colors or Someone else Will.

Planted Not Buried

Don’t be so quick to judge our current position, circumstance or situation. No matter what you’re dealing with right now. God has you there for a reason. He won’t allow you to die there. Look at it this way.When a farmer Plants a seed he’s expecting it to grow exactly where he placed it.God is the farmer and you are the seed. And your situation/circumstances is the dirt. You can either grow in the dirt you’ve been placed in or stay buried and die.
There was a man who own a goat. The goat fell into a well one day and the man couldn’t get him out.So the man did not want the goat to suffer. So he thought “I’ll put the goat out of his misery. ” So he got a shovel and began to throw dirt down the well to bury the goat. As the dirt fell on top of the goat he would shake the dirt off and pack it under his hoof.The more dirt the man threw down the well, the more the goat shook and packed the dirt. After a whole lot of dirt throwing the man said “rest in peace.” Just as he was walking away he heard a sound and look toward the well.And out came the goat. Lesson in the story. Be like the goat…don’t allow the dirt to bury you instead use it to lift you up & bring yourself out! GO Ahead “SHAKE & PACK”

A Healthy dose of Love….

Did you know that walking in love is good for your health? Its true!! I Corinthians 13:4-5(The Amplified Bible) says, Love…is not touchy or fretful or resentful;it takes no account of the evil done to it(it pays no attention to a suffered wrong).Real Love doesn’t hold grudges nor does it keep score of hurt & pain.Not walking in love can make you sick.Producing stress that causes ulcers,tension headaches,high blood pressure & a host of other illnesses.
Although Life has thrown me some curve balls,yet I’ve learned to yield to Love again. The kind of Love that gives me Freedom. This Love Makes Life so much SWEETER! There is something magical about Love.First there’s the fear of,what if?! Then there’s the,maybe..then finally you stop trying to figure out the blueprint for love & allow the forces of real Love to embrace you,teach & lead you,while expecting nothing more than to be happier in the end! The next time God allows you the chance to share your Love,except the assignment.I DID! AMAZING!

The Disappearing Act

There are many things that have come into my life that has made me want to just disappear. Things like:failure in a relationship or a project.Pain or discomfort from a illness.Stress & Frustration from the slow moving process of getting to that next level. During these times I began to look for a way out.I wanted to hide.I wanted to vanish.I just wanted to Regroup!Some would say disappearing solves nothing! I beg the differ. I believe some people manage to hide away for good reasons.How so you ask?Well,Jesus spent time apart (Disappearing) from his disciples & the crowds.He had mountains & gardens he went to for prayer.On the regular.And when Paul had his Damascus Rd. experience,he went underground for a while before he surfaced to begin his evangelist work.
Although my need to disappear my seem doubtful, mentally unstable, destructive or even disappointing to some. There is something Powerful & Healthy about hiding at the right time,in the right place,for the right reasons.Whenever I disappear I always pray that the Spirit of God comfort me in my time of need. Build me up & equip me with the courage I need to remain fully present & non-anxious until he is ready to move me to that next level. My place apart from it all is the Ga Mountains.There I can escape amidst the cool waterfalls & beautiful trees,surrounded by the singing of the birds that reminds me that God will take care of me.If you ever find me in my hiding place,don’t look surprised if I look a little disappointed to be found. 🙂
So,are there times you feel the urge to do a disappearing act from life & just hide away?If so what triggers this need for you?



Crossing the Faith Line

Start your New Year with the Power of Faith. A Faith line is what you need when you want God to do the “impossible” in your life. It’s what you need when you want to be firm in your faith and yet you keep wavering back and forth between your circumstances and Gods promises…believing first in one,then the other. It’s what can make you like faithful Abraham. You know,Abraham had natural facts to deal with,just as we do. He knew there was no natural way Gods promise to him could come true.But the word says Abraham considered not his own body. In other words,Abraham ignored the natural evidence around him and believed only what God had promised him. Somewhere he crossed the faith line. He made an irreversible decision to go with Gods word. He was committed to the word. He chose to step out past the point of no return. And if we are ever going to see God do the impossible in our lives,we’re going to have to do the same thing Abraham did.But M., how do I draw that faith line? Begin with the Word.Search the promises of God and purposely believe what He has said,and is saying, about your need. Meditate on his promises until faith rises in your Heart. Then say this “In the presence of God and in the presence of all the angels in this room,and in the devils face,I am stepping across the line of faith. From this moment on,I consider this/these matters done. From this day forward,I give God the praise and the glory in the Name of Jesus. God will do the impossible in your life,Dare to step across the Faith Line! *Mark 11:22* M.

The Silent Ministry

So it seems that many of our lives have been on the roller coaster of ups & downside . Keeping a job,looking for a job,holding marriages together, the lose of marriages, the lose of love ones, playing catch up, caught up,but not happy, have all,but still have nothing. We all have had one if not several of these events to take place in our life during this year. With these up & down events comes conversation. We talk about what we can’t do,what we wish we could do, what someone else has or has not done. We even talk about how hard, unfair, or unbelievable things are.
Let me teach you what God has taught me. He said “Some times its best to talk less & listen more”. Silent Ministry is what I heard.
Everyone should practice a little Silent Ministry. When things become overwhelming it might be wise to sit alone in silence and just talk to God before talking to anyone else. A lot of times talking about your issues to soon could be a hindrance to your matter. And besides not everyone is equipped to discuss your matters. My experience has been this,silence is a great learning place. As well as a great way to de-stress (something Im sure everyone could use). When there is confusion all around you step into Silent Ministry until you can handle the situation in a more calmly manner. Sssssh….Can you hear that? Peace runs with Silence.

Word of Mouth..

I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to bring you some encouraging words.
Because I’ve been gone for a minute,I thought it would be unfair to bring you anything less than a positive word! So here it is. The words of your mouth are so powerful that they can make or break your day,add to your life or take away from it, build your destiny or tear it down. Either way your words play a major part in your life. Proverbs 18:20 tells us A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruits of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. Just as the saying goes “we sometimes may have to eat our words”. Well if you’re dishing out good words, they will not only be easy to swallow,but satisfying as well. Meaning…you will be rewarded by the nature of your speech. So be sure to speak positive things into not only your own life,but the life of others as well.
Proverbs 18:21 continues with; Death & Life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.Commentary puts it this way…the tongue has great potential for good & evil. Those who love to use it a lot must be prepared to take the consequences. Enough said!! So remember this if its the Best you desire, let great, powerful,& positive words ooze out of your mouth only. If the people you are connected to are not speaking the language of life into your situations.You should be speaking the language of goodbye them. This old saying is a LIE “sticks & stones may break my bones, but Words will never hurt me”. As we have just learned words can hurt us. Death & Life is in the tongue….do we not need our tongues to produce Words?! Stay Encouraged.

Handsome & Beauty…A Fresh Wind

Loud chatter & laughter filled the place.As Beauty approached her table of destination, She’s greeted by nothing but smiles.While scanning the small area for a chair, she never see his face only his body. As a chair is geared in her direction she says thank you and take a seat.Never knowing that the hand that gave the chair is a link to a Fresh Wind.
Her mind was miles away, yet she continue to sit amongst a group of people that she did not know trying to have a good time. The more she sat the more she began to feel as if she was at a masquerade party. But at that moment a still small voice said “Don’t be rude,say something to the people near you.After all your sitting at their table.” So she turned to her left and say “So you just gon drink it all! Did you not think I wanted some?Lol”. Oh my bad he says as he starts to laugh.And offers to buy her a drink; through laughter she says;no thanks I don’t drink.
Although she was looking down she could feel the presence of Handsome as he took a seat across from her. She looked up and caught a slight gaze from him,as if he was trying to figure out who she was. In no time they were plowing away into a number of conversational topics as they shared food & laughter as if though they’ve known each other for ever.Wow…a Fresh Wind. Handsome asked beauty would she know Mr.Right when she saw him her reply was “Yes”. The smile on his face settled into a I’m impressed gesture.
After all the LOL’s it was time for Beauty to call it quits. As she said her nice to meet yous, she looks at Handsome & says goodbye…my,my,my a Fresh Wind.
Because she has to wait for a friend, Beauty allows her thoughts of a Fresh Wind to entertain her as she lingers around outside. All the time becoming restless because she’s now ready to go.The door opens & out steps Handsome!! He walks over to her and whispers in her ear “We need to hang out”. Then steps back & smile. As the word “Really” oozes out, she brings a slight smile to the left corner of her mouth.As her back is turned he gives her a nice,firm hug.Shocked but not offended she pulls away & once again says goodbye to the Fresh Wind!

Lies & Deception

Proverbs 12:19-22 reads, the lips of truth(truthful lips) shall be established for ever:but a lying tongue is but for a moment.(20) Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine(devise) evil:but to the counsellors of peace is joy.(21) There shall no evil happen to the just:but the wicked shall be filled with mischief.(22) Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: But they that deal truly are his delight. God is not a fan of lies. Some say “Oh its just a little white lie,no harm. Or you know I like to over exaggerate. Maybe you’ve heard this one “I told half the truth”. Well let me clear the air for you just in case you didn’t know. A lie is, a lie, is a lie! Someone once told me that they knew someone who was so big they had to turn side ways to go through a door. Well it turns out that what was said was not true. I actually got a chance to see the individual and they weren’t that large at all. Well the story was so over emphasize that I started to recap on all the other conversations I had with this person. Was it all a lie?From where I was standing,the answer was yes. I shared all that to say this, lying helps no one not even yourself(although you may think it does).It may appear that you have gotten over on someone,got what you wanted or found out information all by a lying tongue. Remember,verse 19 just told you that a lying tongue is but for a moment. Which means one day that lie will catch up to you. And when it does you will have no room left to lie. But I can tell you what you will have. And thats an appointed time of shame,embarrassment maybe even some guilt! Because the enemy is good at doing his job of filtrating the world around us with lies. His employees are at work around the clock making sure the job gets done! Any time you find a person that can lie to your face (and you both know its a lie) you have no choice but to believe their behind your back lying and scheming as well. V.22, makes it perfectly clear that deceit is in their hearts. So if its in their hearts that thang is rooted deep into their soul. And if its in their soul you can rest assure that you are a non-factor in their life! Meaning you are as worthless to them as the tissue they blew their nose no(they blow, look and throw it away).Never giving it a second thought. The enemy used these people like puppets to trick,mislead, & misguide you(if you allow them)as they smile in your face;he feeds their minds with the next deceitful plot to try and harm,hurt,kill or bring you down.Remember the enemy comes to steal,kill & destroy the just. One thing you can count on is this….no evil shall overtake the just(v.21, There shall no evil happen to the just). The enemy loves to play games. When you encounter or find someone in your circle that is always up to a scheme or two. Lie for no reason,hype a story up to make it sound good or bad.You’d better put your high beams on because no one is safe around or in the presence of these people. Now before you jump and say “Oh Yes,I know someone like that” check your own shoes for mudd. Don’t let the enemy keep tricking you with lies & deceit.He did enough when he told you,you wouldn’t get that job, that wedding wouldn’t happen or God will never forgive you for this one.Im a living witness that you can defeat the devil and his many workers.All you have to do is move out of the house & company of lies & deception and that’s the truth. And by moving out of the house of lies & deception I mean stop lying & deceiving others to get what you want or to harm others. God wants you to seek him with a pure & honest heart. Therefore his heart can be filled with delight while trusting you with more. Start to remove yourself from the playing field of lying & deceitful people.Because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself hurt,broken,beaten & sad.While they move on to their next victim. The enemy can’t win if you change the game by giving your life a makeover & trusting that Gods word can renew your mind & change your life!
A lying heart has no Peace.Somove away from lies & deceit and allow peace to engulf you in every way.

Massage 101…

There is more to Massage Therapy than just relaxation. For space purpose I will use MT for the word Massage Therapy.
Did you know that not only can MT improve your health it can be harmful as well.Most people see it as a quick pick me upper or a nice relaxes. Never given thought to whether or not the status of their personal health will or will not make a difference. Well as a MT practioner for over 10 years I can assure you your medical history is Very important before receiving a massage. Things like cancer,blood clots,heart attacks & strokes as well as pregnancy and so much more can be a contraindication for MT. Meaning you should receive Very light to NO MT work @all. Informing your therapist of any and all medications are important as well. The type of medication,the purpose of the med. and when you took it is much needed information. Keep in mind MT is apart of the CAM(Complimentary Alternative Medicine) Industry, meaning just like oral medicines it to affects the body. So keep a simply relaxing massage session from becoming a nightmare,share your medical health history with your therapist. A well educated,trained & proficient Massage Therapist would use the Confidential information and access you & your session accordly. And if need be would even decline giving you the massage, even if it meant losing money to save your life.
So before taking your cloths off and releasing your body & health to any therapist, be sure they have an interest in not only meeting your needs or making money but getting your medical history as well to ensure the proper care is in place. Overall MT is one of the BEST medicines in the world!!! Massage to a BETTER LIFE!!!

The Distance Commitments

Two people share themselves via phone,text, and photos. Never giving thought to the bond they may be creating.Jokes & laughter continues to widen that bond.Still never considering the distance of the love they have to offer. Until one is faced with the challenge of the states,cities and miles between them. They not only began to long for the touch of their distant other, but they want physical companionship. But due to the Distant Commitments they’ve made to one another not only are they not able to touch each other, they have agreed to refrain from touching all others as well. Because the word of God tells us “whatever you bind on earth shall be bind in heaven”, one feels guilty for even thinking about someone outside of that Distant other. As Moses spoke in Numbers 30:2 If a man vow a vow unto the Lord or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond(binding himself by some agreement); he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. As they continue to get to know each other spiritually the experience is mind blowing, they say out loud”I can’t wait to see you”. But in the room of no words, no phone, no photos just silence I wonder if they ever regret their Distant Commitments? Absence make the heart grow fonder, but agreements keep you bound. Never agree to agree, until you agree to Believe you have the faith to succeed. I take my hat off to those with Distant Others, you push the word relationship to a whole new height!

Filling the VOID…..

Its funny how so many people still put their trust in people & things. Don’t get me wrong there are times when we must put our trust in things & people, for example: in order to sit in a chair you must have trust that it will hold you without falling apart.To cross a bridge you must trust that the designers used the best material and proper designs to support the weight of your body or car( depending on your bridge, :-).  The trust I speak of is the trust that some place in people & things to fill an empty void. You know the void. Heartbreaks, bitterness, anger, neglect, co-dependancy, insecurity and so on. In their search to fill that void many use sex, drugs, shopping, food, alcohol, working harder & longer, & some even use other peoples emotions…only to find the void is still there! They disconnect from one person or thing just to connect to another thing or person, STILL FEELING EMPTY. As the void continues to grow bigger they began to search deeper into what appears to be an on going quest of total waste. Never taking the time to evaluate themselves and their beliefs they just hope that one day he/she or it will finally do the trick, but it never will. if they would just take time to be open and honest with themselves they would find that the only true void filler is GOD. Before searching for that next high, new dress, better job, new mate, or more money mybe it would be wise to ask these questions, HOw is my relationship with God? How does God see me? How do I see myself? If one is really seeking to fill that void, start by searching for a relationship with God. You see he knows the troubles of your past and your heart and he understands them both. His word assures us if we “seek his kingdom first all THINGS will be added unto us”. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke12:34). And he that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain(worthless things) persons is void of understanding(heart) (Proverbs 12:11). So if that thing or that person has temporarly filled the void and has you on the search again for the next quick fix, you might want to try something more tangible, like building you a never ending relationship with God. And if you are not sure how to do this simply start by first removing your own stones, walls and veils, which would fall into one or more catorgories name bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, rage, doubt, and even gossip. Ask him to give you an experience to know for yourself who he is! An empty space (Joyce Meyer) is still a place for God to do his BEST WORK! I dare you to fill the VOID! Be Encouraged..


They CallED It Love….I call it GROWTH!!!!

I find it amazing how the heart can feel one way while the eyes see things a different way. What I mean is this. The eyes see what they want to see, but the heart tells the truth to what is really there. Let me paint the picture. Two people supposedly care for one another. One showers the other with lots of expensive gifts, wines and dines them in every way possible,holds the other ones hand when walking in public,lifts them up when around those that seems to be important in some way. To the joy of the eyes, one would be quick to say “Wow, Now that’s LOVE”. But what is really not known is this. One cries every night because they don’t know where their other half could be. One hides behind a smile to fight back the pain that has the potential to show when the other has played the game unfairaly & unfaithfully. But from the eyes of someone peering in,they would say”This is called Love”. When the pain in your heart feels like you’ve just had open heart surgery, but the Dctor had know idea of what he was doing. But once the womb begans to heal, you realize “This is Not Love”. You start to look over your life. And this is what you might find. I am worth the time two people should spend together, I’d rather have Real Love than guilt gifts, Its your lost not mine , I prefer. more laughter than tears, leaving you DOES NOT make me failure(it simply means what I want you have chosen not to partake in. And most of all I can be fake all by myself ! So instead of calling it Love….I call it Growth! Have you grown lately?

I’ve Traveled……Have You?

In life we some times travel various roads.(1)The Love Road, You hang on to their every word. The very thought of them gives you butterflies. You look forward to seeing,speaking and spending alone time with them. (2) The Break-up Road, You can’t believe you laughed at all their jokes. You see all their so called flaws. You want your cd back. You can’t believe they said that to You! (3)The Marriage Road, This is the life. You pray this never ends. Your making plans for the baby. You buy a house & get a dog. You sleep in on the weekend. What could ever go wrong .(4) The Divorce Road, all HELL has broken loose. This person is not playing fair. Have I failed in some way? Your tears flow for what seems like forever. Will I ever Love again?Is what you ask yourself. Is this for real. Who do I turn to?
With every road I have had to travel the one that has benefited me,taught me about who I really am. Never left me lonely. brought the most joy to my life. Taught me lessons I can share and most of all given me a reason to believe that each road traveled prepared me for the Very best to come. The Road I speak of is the road of my Relationship with GOD!!! So I ask you What roads have you traveled and how was the Trip?
*Its a Movement*



About.Hello my name is Matrilla,
For a large part of my life I have given advice, quotes/poems, saying, scriptures and medical information to friends and family alike.After talking to a patient(Terri Steward)from my office on July18,2012, she convinced me that I would make a great blogger. So here I am.I welcome the chance to offer my passion to you as well. Thanks Terri. My belief is this, we were placed here to help one another and one of the ways we help others is by sharing. We should all strive to be a teacher as well as a student.You can rest assure that anything I post on this blog will be true to the best of my ability. I either studied it,wrote it, experienced it, helped someone through it, or I might be in it. Which ever way, if you find anything that is not true or could use correction please feel free to leave me a comment. With that being said, I hope my blogging Encourage, Inspire, Exalt, Uplift, Guide and bring Joy with some Clarity to your life.
**Its All Love**

Hello world!

I’m so glad you decided to follow & support My blog page. I promise to inspire,uplift & encourage you with every blog I post. My life has been a bursting wave of learning & teaching every step of the way. I Love Life and I enjoy the service job of taking care of others. I believe each person deserves 100% of me until they show me other wise. So 100% is what I will put into this blog. Nothing less! Happy Reading!

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